Mobile Edge 2017 – Tech Talks, Low-Code and Lightsabers

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Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions was present, as a sponsor – at Mobile Edge 2017, a fantastic event organized by BOLD International – where we had the chance to listen to some great speakers on a variety of topics related to digital transformation, and play with virtual lightsabers, too!!



Our first words of appreciation go out to all the members of the organization at BOLD International, that made it all possible – we know just how hard organizing the logistics for an event of this type can be, and it was smooth sailing from start to finish.

Thanks, and congrats to the BOLD team!!



We had the chance to attend some very interesting lectures, by a number of national and international speakers – among them were Augusto Silva from NOS Inovação; Hugo Lebre from Sitecore and Kevin Benedict from the Center for Digital Intelligence.



Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions and Outsystems were present in the sponsor area, ready to clarify the attendants about our products and services.

The Outfit / Outsystems corner and the team on-site: Vasco Pereira from Outsystems, João Caldas and José Pereira from Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions



The attendance was high at all times during the event.



The guys from Collide, BOLD International´s competence center dedicated to Videogames and VR projects, brought along one of the biggest attractions of this event – their VR platform, that allowed for real-time interactions with another team, located miles away, at ISCTE.

It allowed for real-time interaction in a variety of different scenarios – dancing, performing as a DJ, and even fighting with lightsabers (this was the most requested feature).



Collide´s crew, on-site – and their Managing Director, Tiago Loureiro, showing some mad skills with the lightsabers, ready to take on any challenger from the ISCTE remote team.



Still during the morning sessions, there was time to listen to the interventions of speakers such as Tony Markovski from Mirum Agency and Danny Manu from Mymanu.



Meanwhile, our CEO, João Caldas – was busy introducing the attendants of the event to the products and services that Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions and Outsystems have to offer.



But he still found the time to try his hand at some lightsaber fencing with an opponent from ISCTE…



In the afternoon, the speakers panel included Tiago Loureiro, from Collide and Lubo Smid, from STRV.



Who, incidentally, also insisted on trying some lightsabering of his own….



But the highlight of the evening sessions was, for sure, Vasco Pereira´s (Outsystems) talk about the Low-Code Revolution and how it´s changing business everywhere (and creating many new niches and opportunities).



So, that was it for Mobile Edge 2017 – we´re proud to have sponsored and participated in this event, our thanks to everyone involved – from the organization, to the speakers, and last but not least, to all the attendants that made this event a success.

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