Conflict Management Workshop – Outfit prepares for the holyday season….

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What better way to prepare for the holyday season – with all the usual hustle and bustle, the long-lost relatives that drop by this time of year and the heated discussions that sometimes arise – than a full week of training on the topic of conflict management?

All jokes aside – conflict is an inherent part of human nature and interpersonal relations, professional and personal, but it doesn´t necessarily have to be a bad thing, or escalate to the point of communicational breakdown.

In fact, in can provide interesting driving forces and new outlooks on a project – if one possesses the cognitive and behavioral tools to make the best of the situation.

Adriano Fernandes, from the Gabinete De Recursos De Inovação e Intervenção Social (GRIIS) worked with Outfit Tailored Agile Solutions team members to acquire these very tools, during a 4-day workshop about conflict management strategies.

GRIIS is a community centered association, geared towards providing services in the social relations field, managing teams and projects, and providing adequate training to help the development of organizations and the people that comprise them.

During the course of this workshop, not only did the Outfit team members learn about various strategies, but had the chance to put the teachings into practice – by roleplaying different types of situations, analyzing their performance and contemplating different approaches to the problem at hand.





Our thanks to Adriano Fernandes, from the GRIIS of Santa Casa da Misericórida da Amadora – for an excellent workshop that had a great impact on all the Outfit team members present, and will certainly bear fruit in their professional and personal lives.



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