Outfit at the BOLD Kick-Off 2018 – For More Technology

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Our partners from BOLD International had their annual kick-off, under the theme “For More Technology” – all the competence centers were invited to showcase their products and services, and of course we had to be present to show the power of the Outsystems platform, combined with an IoT solution developed with our partners at Techsensys!!

The venue of choice for this all-day event was Nirvana Studios, near Oeiras –an ancient military barracks site, converted into an awesome cultural center with a terrific environment – overall, the perfect setting to receive the over 360 persons that attended the event.



All the competence centers showcased some of their work – Carbon, for instance, developed an app purposely for this event – allowing all attendants to share photos in real time.



Our senior consultants, Ricardo Real and Ana Almeida oversaw Outfit´s presentation – they developed an app in real-time, in under 5 minutes, using the Outsystems platform.

This app integrated the data delivered by IoT sensors, that had been previously rigged on the catering trucks that were to serve the lunch at the event – in under 5 minutes, everybody had access to a vast array of information concerning the food that was to be served, collected over the previous 24 hours – temperature, humidity, even geolocation of the food trucks.

All of this in a visual interface with graphs, charts and a Google Maps integration.

Truly, a great demonstration of the power of the Outsystems platform in the hands of skilled professionals – and of the possibilities of integration with IoT sensors and devices, courtesy of our partners for the IoT market: Techsensys.



But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and there was plenty of room for entertainment and socializing – with a special show from the Custom Circus crew, with fireworks included.



Congratulations and thanks are in order: to Ricardo Real and Ana Almeida, for representing the Outfit team so brilliantly; to our IoT partners Techsensys, without whom we couldn´t have pulled off such an interesting demo and last but not least, to the BOLD International´s marketing department, that had the monumental task of organizing this event for over 360 people and did a splendid job at that.





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