“A Rising Tide raises all ships” – generating and sharing knowledge in the Outsystems community

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The meaning of this phrase, often attributed to John f. Kennedy, is that general improvements on a given ecosystem will end up benefiting each and every participant of that ecosystem.

This type of mindset is prevalent in the Outsystems community – where R & D experts, consultants and developers will routinely share knowledge with each other, and fine tune best practices, in order to provide ever improving products and services to their clients.

A clear example of this was the latest Outsystems Meeetup (Building New Forge Components) that brought together over 80 Outsystems developers to share knowledge about the processes and best practices involved in building new components for the Outsystems platform.

Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions was present at this event with a team of 10 developers, that were given the opportunity to attend two different presentations:

Samuel Jesus, one of the experts from OutSystems R&D, talked about building by composition, explained the general concepts and goals, and provided great guidelines and best practices for building both front-end and back-end components (web blocks, css, js, actions and services) – he also produced a live demo.

Daniel Martins, an OutSystems MVP from Zero70, focused mainly on the Outsystems platform “Lifetime” tool, on how to build plugins for it and re-use/extend Forge components functionalities.


Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions consultant Edgar Dias and one of the speakers – Daniel Martins


Overall it was a great opportunity to share knowledge, and get some cool insights into a few great, but sometimes overlooked, features of the Outsystems platform – we would like to thank the speakers, the organization of this event and everyone involved in making it possible –  for the opportunity to participate; and congratulate them on a job well done.

See you soon, at another Outsystems Community Meetup!




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