It is fast

but it needs the right driver to be the best!

It is fast

but it needs the right driver to be the best!

Taking your Outsystems platform to the next level

Outfit is the Centre of Excellence of the Devoteam Group for the OutSystems technology and an OutSystems Sales and Delivery Partner.

We specialize in developing mobile and web applications, corporate solutions and providing expert services to OutSystems customers worldwide.

With top ranking positions in the OutSystems directories for delivered projects and customer satisfaction, Outfit provides solutions of excellence – whatever the challenge may be.

We are more than service providers to our clients – we are partners – providing support and shaping their digital journeys.

Being able to provide solutions quickly and effectively is the difference between a struggling business and a thriving one.

Yet, most organizations have to deal with:

Ineffective technology / Slow development procedures

Complex systems with an overwhelming amount of data and possibilities

Architectural problems / Lack of specialized knowledge

That´s Why You Need

The right tool for the job.

The Outsystems platform and the Low Code Approach allows us to provide unparalleled speed of delivery, reduced total costs of ownership and unbeatable time-to-market performance on any corporate solution – while at the same time ensuring perfect integration with all the main technology platforms on the market.

The right team for the job.

By focusing exclusively on the Outsystems platform we can offer a high degree of specialized knowledge – our expert consultants not only meet the highest standards of training and familiarization with the technology, they have day to day experience in real world problem solving that only comes with the successful implementation of numerous corporate solutions for a varied range of areas of business.

Tailor Made Solutions

All projects are not created equal. Your particular business needs and strategic goals will dictate the way to move forward – with the technology working as a driving factor.
With a team that has experience implementing projects big and small in such diverse fields as: Agriculture and Mineral Industries; Aeronautics; Transportation and Logistics; Healthcare; Pharma & Biotech; Manufacturing; Corporate Services (Banking / Insurance Industry among others); Education and Government – your vision for your business will be in the right hands.

What exactly can Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions do for your business?

  • Technical Adoption

    I aim to optimize my business and realize Low Code is the way to go – but where do I start?

    So, you realized the tremendous benefits a Low Code approach can bring to your business and you´re aiming for a digital transformation process, but you need help taking the first steps moving forward – our Technical Adoption packages are just what you need. Our consultants will work with you every step of the way to make sure you have all the options and make all the right choices during this delicate part of your digital journey.

  • Delivery Cells

    I already started my digital transformation journey and incorporated the Low Code Approach – but I need a team of top tier professionals to design and implement solutions seamlessly, with great speed and efficiency.

    Our Delivery Cells are the answer. Small teams of expertly skilled professionals trained to act as a perfectly synchronized unit, able tackle any challenge from Architecture to UX/ UI design – providing excellent service at top speed.

  • Factory Management

    I already have an OutSystems factory running, and a clearly laid out digital transformation plan in place. I need support to keep operations running smoothly or maybe the solutions I have in place could use some re-vamping to face new challenges…

    You don’t want to compromise the benefits you already conquered in your digital journey. Whether it´s maintaining, repurposing, or otherwise improving your existing digital structure, our Factory Management teams will provide the best possible assessments, design solutions and implement with efficiency.

Want to know more about how Outfit - Tailored Agile Solutions can help your business? Curious about our no-nonsense Low Code, Agile Development approach?

Tune in to our social media channels and check out our latest news and projects.

Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions was created in 2015 by three IT specialist joined together by the desire to create innovative, top performance, cost effective solutions for the corporate environment, based on a Low Code Approach and using a straightforward Agile Development Strategy.

The Outfit team

Our continued success in high-performance environments where there is little or no margin for error, is only possible with a strong team of skilled professionals, expertly trained and highly motivated, committed to the practices of continuous improvement and full engagement with the client.

40 Web Developers

20 Mobile Developers

7 Tech Leads

+40 Projects Delivered

4.8 Average Satisfaction

12 Industries – projects developed for

38 Liters of coffee consumed per project (average)

23 packs of M & M´s consumed per project (average)


BOLD is a technology group founded in 2009 that offers clients end-to-end services, combining the expertise of its competence centres. Currently the company has six different competence centres and over 600 employees globally.

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