It is fast

but it needs the right driver to be the best!

It is fast

but it needs the right driver to be the best!

Taking your Outsystems platform to the next level

Outfit is an information system consultancy company that focuses on the Outsystems technology.
We specialize in developing mobile and web applications, corporate solutions and providing expert services to Outsystems customers worldwide.

Being able to provide solutions quickly and effectively is the difference between a struggling business and a thriving one.

Yet, most organizations have to deal with:

Ineffective technology / Slow development procedures

Complex systems with an overwhelming amount of data and possibilities

Architectural problems / Lack of specialized knowledge

Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions was created out of the desire to provide expert services for OutSystems customers and effective solutions for today´s corporate IT landscape.

The right tool for the job.

The Outsystems platform and the Low Code Approach allows us to provide unparalleled speed of delivery, reduced total costs of ownership and unbeatable time-to-market performance on any corporate solution – while at the same time ensuring perfect integration with all the main technology platforms on the market.

The right team for the job.

By focusing exclusively on the Outsystems platform we can offer a high degree of specialized knowledge – our expert consultants not only meet the highest standards of training and familiarization with the technology, they have day to day experience in real world problem solving that only comes with the successful implementation of numerous corporate solutions for a varied range of areas of business.

Enhancing and extending the technology

Our extensive experience with the Outsystems technology allowed us to reach an elevated level of proficiency in creating custom made corporate solutions and optimizing already implemented platforms. We routinely use our tools to provide graphical analysis of the Outsystems Factory Objects as well as simulate the reengineering of eSpaces and components, in order to optimize factory developments, application performance, infrastructure and end-to-end IoT development projects.

What exactly can Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions do for your business?

Software Development
Agile Management
Requirement Analysis
Pricing Model
Custom estimation
Fixed Budget
Shared Risk / Productization
Technical Consultancy
Architecture Designing
Sizing and Prototyping
User Experience Study
Pricing Model
Time & Materials
Pack of Days
Pay per Results
Delivery Cell (SWAT TEAM)
1 Delivery Manager
+ 2 Developers
(Nearshore or Onsite)
Pricing Model
Rent-a-team model
(T&M with flat rate) Scrum Delivery Methodology
Factory Maintenance
Support Team
(Nearshore or Onsite)
Pricing Model
Annual or Monthly fee
Fixed or Dynamic FTE 24/7 Support with or without SLAs

Want to know more about how Outfit - Tailored Agile Solutions can help your business? Curious about our no-nonsense Low Code, Agile Development approach?

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Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions was created in 2015 by three IT specialist joined together by the desire to create innovative, top performance, cost effective solutions for the corporate environment, based on a Low Code Approach and using a straightforward Agile Development Strategy.

The Outfit team

João Caldas
João Caldas
Partner & CEO
Before founding Outfit, co-created and managed a team recipient of the OutSystems Partner of the Year Award. Now, he helps customers with platform adoption and planning return on investment.
Area of expertise: Finance / Project Management/Product development
Tiago Peres
Tiago Peres
Partner & CTO
Among many other projects, he designed and supervised the development of an airport's operational system; at OutFit, he is in charge of developing bespoke solutions for our clients as well as implementing advanced methods of optimizing Outsystems factories.
Area of Expertise: Information Technology Engineering / Systems architecture and Optimization.

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