Fado goes Supersonic at the Lisbon Red Bull Race 2018…

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…with the proud support of Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions.

Outfit is the proud sponsor and partner of the “Auto-Fado” project, that will take a vehicle shaped like a traditional Fado Portuguese guitar to the next edition of the Red Bull SoapBox Race – taking place in Lisbon, September 9th.

It all started in June 2018, when this group of friends decided they would take on the task of building a top-quality soapbox race car and take a shot at the 3rd edition of the Red Bull Race – their love for quirky and imaginative projects is perhaps only surpassed by their passion for Fado (three of them are Portuguese guitar players) – and so they decided their project would be based on that topic, the Fado and the unique instrument that is used in the genre, the Portuguese Guitar.


From left to right : The Auto – Fado / Outfit Team : João Fernando Simão (the pilot and Portuguese guitar player) ; José Oliveira (our very own senior developer at Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions); Hugo Afonso and Hugo Serra (also Portuguese guitar players).


Still – it´s easier said than done, and it´s been a long way from a rough sketch on a piece of paper to a (nearly) completed and fully functional “race car” – specially one with such a peculiar shape…

From a rough draft on a piece of paper:



To a (nearly) finished work of art…



It´s really hard to believe all of this came to be in only two months’ time – in what little time these four guys could squeeze in after work, and burning the midnight oil all through the weekends.



When José told us about this project – we were all too happy to get on board.

Outfit was founded with innovation and a visionary drive in its DNA – it was hard not to relate to this merry bunch, specially with a theme that speaks to our heritage – 100 % Made in Portugal – Fado, the Portuguese Guitar, and Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions.

The best of luck to you and your (our) team , José – all of you are already winners because of the outstandig work you did on this project – see you at Parque Eduardo VII, September 9th.

Check out the “Auto-Fado” page on the Red Bull event website.





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