Lights, Camera, Action – “Auto-Fado” puts on a show at Red Bull Race

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The “Auto-Fado” team, officially sponsored by Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions didn´t go to the Red Bull Race just to drive fast, they went to put on a show.

We´re very proud of the team´s performance, both on track (where they succeeded to cross the finish line in 46 seconds) and off track – where they impressed judges and audience alike with their prowess in playing the traditional Portuguese guitar and singing Fado.

Congratulations – José Oliveira, João Simão, Hugo Afonso and Hugo Serra.

This year´s edition had a track of outstanding difficulty, that took it´s toll on many of the team´s vehicles, including “Auto-Fado´s” – that broke off the right back wheel pulling a powerslide as it crossed the finish line.



Competition was also fierce – with great displays of skill and inventiveness from the better part of the 80 participants of this event – from a rolling house to a giant sheep and a mobile ATM machine, there were no limits to the imagination and crafting skills of this year´s lineup.



Eduardo VII Park was absolutely packed with an audience of thousands – there was very little wiggle room around the track, all throughout the day.



Having Fado and the traditional Portuguese guitar as a theme, and a team comprised of three accomplished guitar players, it was inevitable that we would have impromptu moments of artistic performance – here our “Guitar Heros” perform for the Red Bull team conducting the mandatory inspection of the vehicles, and rehearse for the performance that would take place just before the race, at the starting line.


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As for the race itself – it was pretty wild, with all sorts of crazy contraptions rolling at full speed down the track, some making it to the finish line, and some not….




As to our very own “Auto-Fado” / Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions team performance, the giant guitar was off to a good start, rolling down the track with surprising speed and agility, for the size and shape of the vehicle – coming to an exciting photo-finish and the end, when the our pilot pulled a powerslide and broke off a wheel (but no worries, the finish line had already been crossed).




All in all, a stellar performance we´re all very proud of – the team ended in 32 out of 80 in the global rankings – our thanks to the “Auto-Fado” crew and everyone involved at Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions, hoping to see everybody again at the next Red Bull Race.


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