ODC Wrap-up and Highlights / Outfit Presentation (4.4 Stars!!)

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The OutSystems Worldwide Developer Conference has come and gone, and it´s time for a wrap-up / review of the event.

For us, here at Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions it was a great experience, out of which we would like to highlight:

1 – The overall learning experience: our team had the chance to learn some valuable lessons and exchange knowledge with other developers, these types of dynamics bring added value to our developers, management team, projects and clients alike.

The event was packed– the lobby and other areas of the venue were always crowded with OutSystems developers, moving back and forth between presentations they wanted to see.

The talks themselves had a huge attendance rate – although there were so many of them going on at the same time, it was rare to see a room that wasn´t completely full.


2 – Outfit was recognized as one of the companies with the biggest relative weight in terms of attendance in this event – with no less than 34 of our team members on site, looking to gain more knowledge and perfect their craft.

The most important thing for us is not just the recognition of this fact – but that it goes to show just how committed we are to continuously perfect our knowledge both of the platform as well as best practices, by sending the full force of our development team to this event – and seeing them so eager to attend as many lectures as possible.



Whether at the lobby or in any one of the lecture rooms, it was hard not to come across a member of our team.


3 – And obviously – the presentation and demo of our very own Ana Almeida, under the title “Into the Wild – when going offline IS the only option”.

We loved it, and apparently everybody else did too, since she got a 4.4 (out of 5 stars) overall rating from the attendees, given via the event App.


Ana presented what can be seen as a true case study for full digital transformation in a business area that is traditionally seen as unrelated and even averse to IT.

She provided the example of an ongoing project we have at Outfit – one of an agricultural company with plantations in very remote locations, that needed an applicational solution that could drive their processes forward, save time, money and transform the managerial process into a more agile one.

The application that Ana and her team had to develop didn’t come without a number of challenges, since one of the pre-requisites was that the solution would have to operate under the harshest conditions – remote locations with barely any internet or cell phone coverage, and where downtimes with no network whatsoever can go on for stretches of days or even weeks at a time – and still work flawlessly.

So, how does one tackle the technical challenge of having a mobile or web app that needs to remain functional even in the absence of network access?


Well – you had to be there to get the answer.

First, she did an exposition of the theoretical principles behind the solution the team devised to solve the Offline Login situation – and then proceeded to do a real-time demo of how it actually worked.


Congratulations to Ana Almeida for a great talk, as well as to the entire team involved in this project, to the ODC organization for a great event, and thanks in particular to Jaime Vasconcelos and Miguel Baltazar of OutSystems for their collaboration in all this process.

Hoping to see you all at another ODC!!



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