Psst… Wanna learn a secret performance hack?….

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A sure-fire way to take your development skills to the next level?…

Yes – we´re giving it up right here and now! A hack so effective it´s practically an Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions trade secret…

Are you ready?

Here it goes – “There are no shortcuts”.

As far as enhancing your skills and knowledge – there are no magic pills, silver bullets, no wonder cure – there´s just discipline, method and hard work.

That´s the reason our CTO, Tiago Peres, regularly undertakes the task of conducting what we call “Tech Talks – Best Practices Sessions” – a presentation/ discussion group about the best practices of a specific technical aspect of our work.


In these talks, he shares the accumulated knowledge of years of experience with the OutSystems platform and other technologies – as well as the knowledge the team gathers from their daily work developing corporate applications.

In this case – the topic was “Databases and Querying”, and a group of 20 of our team members (developers, delivery managers, engagement managers) participated in this event.

Fact of the matter is – Databases and Querying are the bread and butter of any developer, in virtually any applicational development, big and small, one will be confronted with the challenges posed in this area of knowledge.

So, from data modelling, entities patterns and metadata, attributes and aggregates to advanced querying and SQL programming – a lot of ground was covered in this session, bringing great added value to our developer’s skill set, that will surely reflect on their daily work.

So, remember – there are no magical hacks.

At least not here at Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions; there´s just desire for knowledge (acquiring and sharing it) and seeking improvement on a daily basis.


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