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As far as applicational development goes – in the age of automation, readily available templates, patterns and ready to apply cookie cutter stencils; one would think there isn´t much need for design thinking anymore, that it´s becoming a thing of the past.

One would be wrong. Terribly so.

At Outfit – Tailored Agile Solutions, we are acutely aware that nothing can replace the finely honed skill of an expert consultant, and that while there are patterns – no two projects are alike, and there isn´t a one size fits all solution.

We´ve had our share of very challenging projects when it came to designing the User Experience and User Interface  for an application – mostly because of the very specific needs our clients presented, that demanded prompt and creative responses from our development teams.

This is the reason we place so much value in continuous improvement and learning, in all areas of expertise that might be relevant to providing a service of excellence to our clients – our most recent example is a 30 + hour training course our Front-End Team and other colleagues took, conducted by Ruben Duarte from EDIT.



From the classic Don Norman principles to Gestalt theory and the works of Dieter Rams and John Maeda, as well as some very practical sessions about prototyping, user research, persona development and other topics – no rock was left unturned in our team´s quest to gain further insights into Design Thinking and how it applies to applicational development with the OutSystems platform.

Soon, our very own in-house UX/UI expert Miguel Júlio will chip in with his opinions on this topic – stay tuned.

Our thanks to Ruben and congratulations to our team members that completed this Design Thinking workshop.


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