What´s the Navy got to do with it?

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Lessons to be learned from working in high-stress / high-performance scenarios.

One of the benefits of having a diverse team, with all sorts of personal and professional backgrounds, where every individual is truly engaged in the continuous improvement of the team as a whole – is the cross-learning that takes place, the sharing of knowledge and information.



This time, it was our colleague Tiago Rodrigues that stepped up to the plate and delivered a lecture about his past experience as a Naval Officer – particularly about several aspects of team / stress management and communication protocols learned during his service in the military, showing the rest of the team how to draw important lessons from drills and scenarios where he participated.

Indeed, the scenarios Tiago showcased are not unlike many situations faced by our developers on a daily basis – where strategic thinking, communication skills, commitment and engagement to agreed upon objectives must take the lead.



At Outfit, we believe that these are not “soft” skills, largely dependent on natural talent or personality traits.

These are REAL skills, that should be practiced and perfected – crucial in any team that aims for excellence and top performance, whether in military operations, a basketball court or a meeting room where a Scrum meeting about an OutSystems project is taking place.

Congratulations for a great presentation to Tiago, our thanks to everyone at Outfit that attended the event and made this possible, as well as the support from our colleagues at BOLD by Devoteam.



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