Superior performance is just the basics executed at a very high level

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This sentence came from a sports coach, but it could have just as easily been said in one of Outfit´s ramp ups or training sessions – it is a fact that most struggles and challenges in IT projects come from overlooking basic principles.

This applies not only to the technical aspects of the job, but also to managerial components as well as soft skills related performance.



To help the rest of the team consolidate the knowledge of how to work on an OutSystems project using the best practices in development and architecture – our colleague and Technical Sales Manager Ricardo Real conducted a workshop on the subject.

He focused on topics such as: Lifetime tool and analytics; naming and coding conventions; database best practices (entities – queries – static entities) development and architecture best practices; modular programming and the 4 layers canvas.



Thanks to Ricardo, for his excellent presentation and to everyone present in this session – hope you found it useful and pertinent for the projects you´re assigned to.



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